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Reservations During Our Final Days

Thank you for your interest in dining with us as we enter our final days of serving delicious Thai in Northeast Minneapolis.  We are eager to greet and offer our best to as many in our wonderful community as possible!  A few guidelines will enable us to do this in our small dining room.

  • we are able to accept a very small number of reservations
  • reservation requests are accepted only for larger groups (6 or more)
  • requests may be made by calling us at (612) 781-3046 and leaving a voice mail; give us at least 48 hours to confirm (please wait for a response before assuming confirmation)
  • we will not be able to accept reservations during our final week of operations, which is April 19-23
  • once you have a confirmed reservation, please ensure your entire party arrives at the appointed time so that we are able to honor it!!

Nearly everyone dining at Sen Yai Sen Lek does NOT have a reservation, so even without one, your opportunity for a table is the same as everyone else’s!

Thank you for your support~

Our last day of operations was
Saturday, April 23rd.

After nearly 14 years in the restaurant business, we have decided to close this chapter of our lives.

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